Wednesday, 11 May 2011

What Is SEO and Why We should Opt for it ?

The first step towards learning SEO Basics is knowing that what is seo. SEO stands for search engine optimazation. It is a process which increased the visibility of your site in the search engines. It is one of the powerful ways to increase traffic on your site which results in greater bussiness. It is a part of a company's online marketing. SEO plays an imortant role in increasing your online business. People prefer to shop from the comfort of their homes these days. Moreover it is quite easy to place an order online rather than going to a showroom for making purchases. That's why it is gaining ground these these. SEO has become an essential part of a company's marketing strategy.

SEO is emerging as a powerful industry. The modern day young people are seeking job opportunities in these sector. No dobt the people engaged in this field have a bright future ahead. One gets paid in dollars for a particular project. It is a paying profession. All one has to do is sharpen one's skills in SEO.

SEO consists of two parts namely off page seo and on page seo. There are various on page and off page factors that come into play resulting in higher ranking of a site in a search engine. Both these parts are equally important. Some search engines follow on page factors, some follow off page and some follow both these factors. Different people adopt different strategies to improve their site's ranking in search engines. To be frank, search engines are quite unintelligible. They keep changing their algorithm to rank sites to stay ahead. But a good seo master do the same to keep pace with the time.

SEO is quite complex. One cannot understand it fully. The more you make it complex, the more are your chances of success. No one can be perfect at SEO. You keep learning new things each day. But the best way to learn SEO is by experimentation.Experience is the best teacher. I'll unfold SEO Basics step by step in front of you through this site. All you have to do is practice it at home and if you have any question in mind, do let me know by posting your comments on the site.